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It all started with a four-hive, 120,000-honeybee apiary installed on the hillside overlooking the lodge in spring 2011 that produced over 600 pounds of Salish honey. While we are thrilled to share Salish honey with our guests, we feel strongly about maintaining the apiary as a protected habitat for these important agents, which pollinate 80 percent of our flowering crops that produce a substantial percentage of the food we depend on. It was in this spirit that we decided to triple the hives to produce 2,400 pounds of honey per year.

The herb garden provides sustainable and organic herbs for The Dining Room and The Spa. In addition, an 800-square-foot organic vegetable garden provides The Dining Room and The Attic with unique culinary opportunities. Inspired by the need to provide the bees a sustainable environment in which to thrive, we planted a hillside of wildflowers that lead up to the apiary and gardens, along with blueberry and huckleberry plants. Beekeeper Daniel Sullivan, proprietor of Shipwreck Honey in West Seattle, is our apiary expert and has guided

us through our beekeeping efforts. We had been searching for the perfect opportunity and partnership to bring honeybees to Salish for a long time, and when we met Daniel and learned about the passion and care that goes into his work, we knew it was a match made in honey heaven!

beeLook for the Salish bee to guide you to items featuring our unique honey, including indigenous Northwest cuisine infused with honey in The Dining Room, our signature Honey from Heaven service that comes with our famous Country Breakfast, or being pampered in The Spa with honey-based treatments. You can expect to find sweet treats created with our unique artisan honey around every corner, like our new Pike Hive Five Hopped Honey Ale produced by The Pike Brewing Company and Honey Flavored Vodka, Salish Honey truffles, and much more!

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