A native of Washington State, Daniel Sullivan is our apiary expert, known as the "Beeman" around Salish Lodge. Daniel's interest in bees and honey production began in 2009 when he enrolled in a state certification course. A few successful hives later, he founded Shipwreck Honey - a name born from the original setting for his hives, a friend's 1970s custom built sailboat. Now, in his fifth year of business, Daniel couldn't be more pleased with his vocation. "I love watching people react to trying real honey that isn't mass produced for the first time; their eyes light up and you see them make a memory right in front of you."

Daniel and Salish Lodge & Spa joined forces in early 2011 to take action against the national bee and honey crisis, and right from the start it was a match made in honey heaven. "While a lot of organizations are talking about the issue, very few are taking action. It is incredible to see Salish Lodge & Spa taking that initiative and stepping up to the plate. As a community we have to buy local and produce what we're able to; it is so fundamentally critical to the future of food," says Daniel.

It is Daniel's goal to produce enough honey to ensure that every local person has access to it as it should be - fresh and all natural. Salish Lodge & Spa is thrilled to be a part of this journey.

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